Scholarship starts with a question — a pressing puzzle that awakens inquiry. That inquiry — the pursuit of insight and answers to central questions — is the foundation of the liberal arts education at Stonehill College, where classroom teaching and scholarly research are inextricable.

Showcased here are publications of the Stonehill College faculty


Submissions from 2020


cRacle: R tools for estimating climate from vegetation, Robert S. Harbert and Alex A. Baryiames

Submissions from 2019

Evolution of non-kin cooperation: Social assortment by cooperative phenotype in guppies, Josefine Bohr Brask, Darren P. Croft, Mathew Edenbrow, Richard James, Bronwyn H. Bleakley, Indar W. Ramnarine, Robert J.P. Heathcote, Charles R. Tyler, Patrick B. Hamilton, Torben Dabelsteen, and Safi K. Darden

Exposure to the ultraviolet filter benzophenone-3 (BP3) interferes with social behaviour in male Siamese fighting fish, Kelley B. Portrais, Megan A. Stevens, Cassie N. Trask, Samantha N. Mundy, Jessica M. Szetela, Bronwyn H. Bleakley, and Teresa L. Dzieweczynski

Submissions from 2017

The evolution of cooperation: Interacting phenotypes among social partners, Mat Edenbrow, Bronwyn H. Bleakley, Safi K. Darden, Charles R. Tyler, Indar W. Ramnarine, and Darren P. Croft

Submissions from 2013

Cannibalism as an interacting phenotype: Precannibalistic aggression is influenced by social partners in the endangered Socorro Isopod (Thermosphaeroma thermophilum), B. H. Bleakley, S. M. Welter, K. Mccauley-Cole, S. M. Shuster, and A. J. Moore

Submissions from 2011

The influence of maternal effects on indirect benefits associated with polyandry, Clarissa M. House, Bronwyn H. Bleakley, Craig A. Walling, Thomas A.R. Price, Clare E. Stamper, and Allen J. Moore