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This issue of the magazine includes the following features:

  • Holy Cross Vernacular: 150th Anniversary of Holy Cross Education in America
  • Quietly Making a Difference: The Stonehill Literacy Project is making a difference in the lives of many Brockton,area school children and Stonehill alumni. Nan Mulford, Director of Academic Development, directs the project and presents an update on this innovative program
  • Alumni Profile: Patricia Hanley McCurdy '75, Taking the Time to Care. Patricia Hanley McCurdy '75 has cared for 40 foster children over the past six years, while also devoting her time to her husband, two children, and her growing law practice. A former teacher, Trisha is enthusiastic about helping young people from the foster babies she takes into her home to the adolescents she encounters in CCD classes.
  • Stonehill Archives: Our Lady of Holy Cross. A letter written by Father Gerald Fitzgerald, a diocesan priest who later became a member of the Congregation of Holy Cross, describes the property that is now Stonehill College, when it served as Our Lady of Holy Cross Seminary

Publication Date

Winter 1992


Congregation of Holy Cross, Gerald Fitzgerald, Patricia Hanley McCurdy, Brockton, Nan Mulford, Richard Mazziotta, Holy Cross, Stonehill, Foster Care



Stonehill Alumni Magazine Winter/Spring 1992

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