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This issue of the magazine includes the following features:

  • Bad Grades, Gone Good: Sometimes receiving a poor grade can provide lasting direction. Alumni share stories of falling short of the mark from a grade perspective, but of learning a valuable life lesson along the way. By Maura King Scully
  • Make Yourself at Home SAM invites alumni and friends to spend the day at Stonehill as part of this year's "staycation." Story includes a map and sample itinerary, highlighting some new sites as well as a few favorite spots on campus.
  • Craig's List: It is easy to get caught up in the text messaging-style .. of communication. That is why Dean of Academic Achievement Craig Almeida created a tip list to help students write more professional emails. By Kristen Magda

Publication Date

Winter 2010


Michael Herlihy, Arlene Giannaros, Anne Sant, Alumni Office, Capital Campaign, Gregory "Rodney" Moynahan, Richard Capobianco, Martin Heidegger, Mary Joan Leith, Charles Simonds, Kaylee Simonds, James Kenneally, Brian Murphy, Gregory Shaw, Kathleen Stephan, Craig Almeida, Grades, Stonehill, Campus, Carol Calo, Art, Photography



Stonehill Alumni Magazine Winter/Spring 2010

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