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This issue of the magazine includes the following features:

  • "Securing the Vision" The Campaign for Stonehill's Future. At the Founders' Dinner on November 5, 1994, Stonehill President Father Bartley MacPhaidin, C.S.C. announced "Securing the Vision," the College's first major capital fund--raising campaign. by Karen DePasquale O'Malley
  • A Library for the Future: In one of the biggest undertakings in recent years, the College has committed itself to constructing a new, state of the art library and networked information center. by Martin McGovern
  • Scholarships for Stonehill Scholars: Stonehill makes every effort to meet the financial needs of students and their families. An important goal of "Securing the Vision" is to secure $5 million in additional funding for student scholarships. by Karen DePasquale O'Malley
  • For the 21st Century: A Fund for Excellence. A priority of the capital campaign, "For the 21st Century: A Fund for Excellence" through Faculty Development, Professional Recognition and Community Programming will support and recognize the important scholarly and community--based contributions of Stonehill faculty. by Karen DePasquale O'Malley
  • Academic Honors Assembly: The Alumni Magazine presents remarks given by Executive Vice President Father Robert J. Kruse, C.S.C. at the recent Academic Honors Assembly held at the Martin Institute.

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Winter 1995


Stonehill, Securing the Vision, Capital Campaign, MacPhaidin Library, Library, Stonehill, Michael Novak, Scholarships, Faculty, Maura Geens Tyrrell, Academic Honors Assembly, Robert J. Kruse, C.S.C., Alumni Weekend, Patricia Schroeder, William Cook, Terry Capobianco



Stonehill Alumni Magazine Winter 1995

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