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Frank Angier Ames, born in North Easton, Mass., July 11, 1858; died unm. in Boston, November 5, 1918. He was manager of the Ames Southside Plantation, Louisiana Parish, Louisiana. He, along with his cousin, O.F. Ames, were in charge of the Westwego plantation when the then famous "Ames Crevasse" opened on March 16, 1891, at the location of a faulty sluice for the irrigation of the Ames rice fields. Sightseeing boats came to see "the water rushing through the break, the sound coming to the ear like the mighty rumble of a gigantic cataract." At the time of the crevasse, the river was within one foot of the top of the locks of the company's canal. The water inside the locks was 12 feet lower than the river's stage. The flood spread over vast areas, ruining plantations and truck farms.


Ames, Frank Angier