The Stanley A. Bauman Photograph collection features over 500,000 negatives of Brockton and Southeastern Massachusetts taken by photograph Stanley Bauman from the 1930s-2003. Mr. Bauman filed negatives in envelopes and assigned each envelope a unique cataloging number. To find images, one must use the indexes created by Mr. Bauman. These indexes were handwritten and/or typed descriptions. These indexes paper indexes are arranged chronologically by year. Each year is organized alphabetically (A-Z) and most paper indexes contain select subject tabs (e.g., "City of Brockton," "Boy Scouts," and "Sports").

This site provides scanned copies of the Bauman Indexes. Please note: the pdf are produced from scanned pages they might not be fully accessible to screen readers. Please email us at for assistance.

We are also gradually adding photo galleries of Mr. Bauman's photos. These galleries are curated from approximately 20,000 negatives that have been previously scanned from the over 500,000 negatives in the collection. There are no plans to scan the entire Bauman Collection or add them to this repository. Also, due to copyright, all images are watermarked.


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Rocky Mariano Images by Stanley Bauman