1. General information

A. Submissions must be in the form of a single Word document. Please ensure that the document is anonymous with no personal or institutional information.

B. Articles should adhere to the SBL Handbook of Style, 2nd ed. (Atlanta: SBL Press, 2014) supplemented by The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010). Conventions of American English should be used.

C. JRCA will not consider manuscripts that simultaneously are submitted simultaneously to other journals.

2. Format

A. Manuscripts should not exceed 8,000 words (including notes) except in exceptional cases.

B. Submissions should be double-spaced and in 12-point font, including in footnotes.

C. Hebrew and Greek scripts must be submitted in a Unicode font such as SBL Hebrew or SBL Greek.

D. Ancient languages such as Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Coptic normally should not be transliterated, but presented in Unicode fonts. Please use unpointed Hebrew and Aramaic.

E. Please include an English translation of a Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, or Coptic word after its first occurrence in the text.

3. Quotations

A. Block quotes of five lines or more should be single-spaced in a separate indented paragraph without quotation marks.

B. Quotations of five lines or less should begin and end with quotation marks.

4. Footnotes

A. Authors should use the footnote function in Word for creating footnotes. Endnotes are not accepted.

B. Please avoid multiple footnotes in a sentence.

C. Include full first names of authors and not just initials in footnotes, if possible.

F. The first reference to a source should include full bibliographic information. Every subsequent use in notes should employ a short reference that includes the author or editor’s last name, title of the work, and page numbers.

G. Abbreviations for ancient texts should follow SBL Handbook of Style, 2nd. ed.